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Walk & Talk Therapy

Choose Your Path...Offering In-Office or Walk & Talk Therapy

*Please note: Walk and talk therapy sessions are not being held at this time. Only telephone and video sessions are currently available. Thank you for your understanding.

I offer *walk and talk therapy for any session after your initial intake. 

Walk and talk therapy is just what it sounds like. We will be walking or hiking outside. This can be a wonderful alternative to in-office sessions. Receiving counselling while exercising and exploring nature has unique benefits. Research has consistently shown that walking outdoors not only has physical health benefits but mental health benefits as well. The outdoor environment can instill a sense of calmness and peace, provide clarity and insight, improve your mood, reduce anxiety and stress levels and increase your overall sense of well being.

Some options for our walk and talk therapy  sessions include Wentworth Park and Sydney Waterfront  Boardwalk. Feel free to suggest your ideas for our walk and talk therapy sessions. I want to meet you where you are comfortable at.

Walk and talk sessions are not suitable for everyone. During your session(s), we can discuss if this option is the right fit for you.  

Krystle Luther

"A change in your environment can lead to the greatest change in your perspective"  

Inquire about walk and talk therapy today!


Phone or *text 902-565-1665 or email

*Please note: Text and email correspondence are not considered to be a confidential medium of communication. 

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